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Creative 3D Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp

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Product Description:

Product size: Moon /Mars/Jupiter14CM/Saturn 12 CM

Base size: 19.5cm in diameter

1. The moon lamp is powered by electromagnetic induction, no built-in battery is needed, and there is no connection line between the moon lamp and the power supply.

2. The light of the moon lamp is white light, warm white light and warm yellow light, which change with each touch.

3. After the base is connected to the power supply and the switch is turned on, it is in a working state. After the moon lamp is placed on the base as required, the moon lamp will automatically light up. As long as the power supply is not disconnected, it can keep on.

4. The moon lamp can rotate after being stable.

5. Compared with traditional lamps, lunar lamps consume less electrodes.


Package Include:



1*Power Adapter

1* User manual

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