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Rechargeable Air Humidifier

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Type: HumidifierWater capacity: 1000mlSize: 125mm*125mm*149 mmColour: White, GreenPower: 3WVoltage: 5VSpray Power: 50ML/hHow to use it:1. Open the top cover counterclockwise2. add water.3. Connect USB Power Supply4. click on the switch and turn on the spray mode.Products include:1. 1x Humidifier2. 1x USB Data Line3. 1x Instructions for UseSwitch:1. Open the continuous spray mode according to the first time and stop for 4 hours.2. Press second, open the gap spray mode, spray 3 seconds to stop for 2 seconds, regularly spray 8 hours to stop.3. Press third, stop spraying.Lighting:1. Long press the switch for 1.5 seconds for the first time to turn on the bright yellow light2. Long press the second time to turn on the warm yellow light3. A third long press to turn off the lights.4. Timing function: continuous hut automatically stops for 4 hours, and interval spray is automatically stopped for 8 hours.5. Indicator light: the red light is on when charging, and off when the lamp is full. (when working, the indicator light is white)

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